Body Washes: Why I Switched to a Fair Trade Natural Brand…


I had to give up my popular body washes to find something more accommodating for my overall health. I’m still not sure why or what the issue was, but my chest area was fire engine red. Yes my Skin was inflamed…not itchy, but really red and not cute at all. I loved using the popular brands like Caress which was mainly what I used. And solely due to the smell of the washes and I wanted to smell good right? Yes, but those washes with all the pretty scents were wrecking havoc on my sensitive skin. I had to do something and fast!

Watching YouTube videos and trying to see what others were using to wash their bodies with I came across a few brands. I saw brands like Dr. Bonners Castle Soap, zShea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Body Wash (gold label…now they have many) and this brand called Alaffia Shea Body Body Wash. Now I did try the Shea Moisture washes, but washes didn’t  impressed me and the ounces weren’t enough. The Dr.Bonners although many people like their castile soaps, I didn’t understand how to dilute it…nor did I have time to be a mistress. So, I decided to go to my local Whole Foods to smell the scents of the Alaffia brand…of course, because after all we want to smell shower fresh and pleasant. Now this brand uses essential oils along with other natural ingredents, so the scents aren’t loud or lingering. You do smell them as you shower, but it’s not a body wash that you’ll smell on the skin after rinsing…that’s the only con to me. But, you get 32oz, it’s reasonably priced 10.99$, but when Whole Foods has sales and it’s around 7.99$, it’s natural with ingredients I can pronounce and understand, Fair Trade, moisturizing, and it comes in unscented too for those who don’t like scents at all…a WINNER for me! That skin issue I had cleared right up and I haven’t been bothered with it since. This has been my body wash for over a year and I’m so happy, I came across it. It can be purchased online as well or at Whole Foods. They also have a hair and skin care line.

I just wanted to share my favorite natural body wash, but again the point of my blog is to help people start rethinking the things they use on their skin externally and internally. Especially as we begin to mature our skin care needs change and as our skin changes as should the products we use on them. I like and trust this brand and highly suggest that you research them and their mission prior to purchasing. The whole Fair Trade is a great way of selling products at fair prices, so that paying workers fair wages is doable. Remember what works fine for me could be didn’t for others, but we all know everything works DEFINITELY for everyone. If not this brand at least consider opting for brands that are not using chemicals that you in turn put directly on your skin.Thanks for stopping by and feel free to like, share and leave me a comment. Until next time…


Clean Beauty: Is Your Make Up Dirty???

capture_2017-01-20-23-08-26-1-1The make-up industry has changed dramatically over the past few years especially…not that it hasn’t always been popular, but I feel that due to popular reality T.V. shows it has definitely increased in sales. But, how safe is the make up that many use on their skins daily? Knowing what we are using on our bodies is very important, so what goes on our face should be just as important…if not more due to the fact that our faces are the first thing people see. Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look nice, but putting your health at risk should not be a factor in order to look great either. Sadly a lot of brands don’t use safe ingredients in their beauty products. We all usually pick a brand based on how popular it is, but these popular brands that are also pretty expensive by the way unfortunately have a lot chemicals. Yes I too years ago fail for the popular department brand line…until I had a very bad reaction to a lip glass from this line. I didn’t know what was going on with my lips and had to seek medical attention about the issue. They did allergy tests and everything came back good, so why was I having this reaction in the first??? Finally my doctor suggested for me to stop wearing lip gloss. I thought how crazy is it for her to suggest that, I couldn’t just discontinued the use of lipgloss…I’m a female! Being that lipgloss is pretty much an important part of my make up routine, had to find something without all the harsh chemicals. I’ve never been into make up…make up as popular as it is, but I had to find an alternative to that popular brand I had been using.

Now, since I couldn’t wear that popular line anymore what was, I going to do? Well here’s where the research comes in. I started to Google natural make up…although I wasn’t really interested make up, but just a lip gloss.I wanted to find more Green beauty lines. I then learned about brands like Pixi, Burt Bee’s ,Korres and Pacifica, but I wasn’t really impressed the selection of those. I haven’t wore lipstick since the early 2000’s and looking back at some old photos recently, I see why. And a lot of these brands mainly had lipsticks. It took a while before I found something to replace the MAC brand I use to wear.  I mainly used natural based lip balms that were slightly tinted for a while. Then I found out about a brand called 100% Pure. 100% Pure gave clear insight as to why my lips reacted the way they did to the MAC lip glass, I use to wear. I had an entire new perspective about beauty and the beauty industry. I advocate for animals all the time, so I was aware of the ads that showed how the beauty industry would used animals to experiment on. I remember animal rights ad with the bunny with really bad irritated eyes from all of the make up experiments. Not thinking what could be in those products to make that bunny look so horrible, but then it’s sold to consumers to use it on their skin.

Which is why I’m so glad I learned about 100% Pure, because throughout the years I have only been primarily concerned with my lips, but then I thought about my eyes. I wear mascara and eye liner, so now I have to start looking for natural products for those. I tried brands like Korres for their mascara. Pacifica is another brand I decided to try for their mascara line, but it was something about them I didn’t like. It’s in the natural brand category, but the eyeliner and mascara were both too heavy for my liking. Lucky for me 100% Pure has a Black Tea Mascara that’s fruit pigmented and made from Black tea leaves and it smells like fresh berries…I LOVE IT!!! They were having a promotion where you buy a lipstick and receive the mascara free, so I tried it and I’ve been using it every since. Another favorite of is Shea Moisture for their skin and body care line. They have the best natural eyeliner in my opinion. It doesn’t run and stay’s put all day. Also, they make colored natural glosses that are on the sheer shade, but natural and non irritating. I have at least four of their shades and they make six or seven different colors. Their called Superfruit Sheer Tinted Gloss which contains of course shea butter, jojoba oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E…things I can pronounce. I like how it feels on my lips and it’s not sticky like the leading brand. I would suggest adding a lipliner to give the lip glosses more color.

Not everyone one is the same and that’s what makes you unique from others. Many people can use different things and not have a reaction to them at all and then there’s me…again we’re all different. I have gotten into what, I feel is a very good habit of being mindful about the ingredients I use on my body. I check the labels often to identify ingredients in products and yes this sometimes limit my choices as far as product selections my go, but health over all. I would highly suggest 100% Pure website to get a better understanding of their philosophy of what #cleanbeauty is. Using fruit pigmented ingredients is a great idea and think of the long term health benefits of that. Over time our bodies start to react definitely to many things, so what may not bother you right now…could later down the road. Being proactive before issues occur is always best! Be mindful of the beauty products you purchase and the history behind the line. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean…it’s the best option. Until next time…..






























Plug In Oils vs. Essential Oils: A Healthier Way to Freshen Your Home…



capture_2017-01-17-11-00-18-1If you’re like many then a nice fresh smelling home is important to you, because after all who wants a home that doesn’t smell pleasant…right??? Well many of us do want a fresh  smelling home and that’s not surprising, but are we doing our homes harm by using the commercial brand wall units that plug in to freshen our homes? Wall units are very popular in many households and can be very costly buying them on a bi-weekly/monthly. Many of these top brands are filled with chemicals and dyes that we are inhaling on a daily basis. This can not be good long term…especially you’re a regular who freshens your home monthly using these commercial brand wall units that plug in. I have spent countless dollars buying the units and the refills to keep my home fresh, but as I start to embrace a healthier way of living that goes…

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New Year; New You…Right??? How to Stay on Track…

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capture_2017-01-19-16-57-31-1Yes we’ve all heard it “New Year; New me” right??? Well that’s the age old saying, but what are you doing to help this become a reality? We all like to think that a new day is the start of a new beginning, but what about a new year…that can be exciting right? Yes! It’s always been believed that a new year or (date as I like to call it) comes with all these automatic changes, but does it? No…not usually? I feel that nothing happens automatically without the need to want the change to occur and the effort that goes along with it. That means working towards this change to make things go according to your plan. Speaking of plan…you do have a plan right? Well the key to seeing change is first being able to identify what needs to happen. This can be done by observations. It’s usually…

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New Year; New You…Right??? How to Stay on Track…

capture_2017-01-19-16-57-31-1Yes we’ve all heard it “New Year; New me” right??? Well that’s the age old saying, but what are you doing to help this become a reality? We all like to think that a new day is the start of a new beginning, but what about a new year…that can be exciting right? Yes! It’s always been believed that a new year or (date as I like to call it) comes with all these automatic changes, but does it? No…not usually? I feel that nothing happens automatically without the need to want the change to occur and the effort that goes along with it. That means working towards this change to make things go according to your plan. Speaking of plan…you do have a plan right? Well the key to seeing change is first being able to identify what needs to happen. This can be done by observations. It’s usually not hard to identify what we see as being a problem in our lives, or identifying what we want to change. The problem usually comes with not having a plan for the change we seek and then sticking to it. There’s a saying that “when you write it down, it becomes real” and this is the start of your strategic plan to help you stay on track!


Nothing is more real than seeing your life’s plan written down on paper…this way you can go step by step to making it more obtainable. Visuals are very helpful, so using your visual as a guide can increase your momentum to stay focused, because after all seeing your plan written on should be very motivational. Don’t be afraid to push yourself. Write it down even if you feel it seems out of reach, because when you’re seeing the other things you’ve written down come to pass…then those you feel aren’t so reachable may help to keep you driven.

Applaud Your Efforts

As you go through your list and start to mark off what you’ve accomplished…reward yourself! Staying focused with everyday life happening all around us and trying to change  our old ways isn’t easy, so once you can see the process being made coming to play that’s the perfect opportunity to thank yourself for a job well done!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Now none of us are perfect…contrary to what many want to believe. We all are humans and not being perfect is okay. So, if you happen to fall short to one of your written goals… that’s fine! Don’t be so ready to scratch it off the list, but instead give that goal another try. Remember the purpose of writing the goals down was to see them through all the way until the end. Think about the little engine who could and think…yes I can too!

Keep Your Goals Private

Often time we have things in our lives that we “should” be able to share and want to share, but remembering that not everybody’s life, goals and mindset will be like yours and so that’s where the envy and jealousy comes in. Yes we all are a direct reflection of our own lives, so if there is something about your life you don’t like change it then! However, others may not have any plans for making changes within their life and may see yours as a waste of time…keep your goals to yourself! It shouldn’t make others bitter or envious of those of us who may want  better for ourselves/themselves, but often times it does…and that’s so sad! The term “show them better than you can tell them” fits this scenario perfectly!

Start Small; Finish Big

I feel that many “new year resolutions” we’ll call them aren’t met, because we want the process of to be quick and easy. That is not always the case. Great things don’t always start out that way and they take time to accomplish.  Start with small goals and as you crush those…then add the bigger ones. Prove to yourself that you can do it! Be willing to put in that necessary time as well and don’t have a time limit. Usually when it comes too easy it’s not worth having. So, don’t be discouraged if you don’t the feel the process is moving as swiftly as the next person. Remembering all of our paths are different for a reason. Travel your path at your pace and watch how fast you get there. Also, keep in mind that you only fail when you don’t try at all.


I hope that this will help you to look at the whole new year;new me saying in a different light. I’m not saying that it’s not something that can’t be proven to be true, but it might be something that’s not proven to be done in a year. Just keep pushing and don’t monitor the date. Until next time…


















To Mask or Not to Mask? A Natural Way to Clear Skin

capture_2017-01-18-14-59-01-1It’s been a while since I’ve used a deep cleansing facial mask and today, I pampered my skin. I treated my skin to a much need at home facial using the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Mask. Normally I shy away from facial mask…products in general that are hydrating to the skin, because I typically have oily skin and my point in using a facial mask is to absorb as much of the oil and to detox my skin as possible. It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to treat my skin, so after picking this up in my local CVS drugstore a couple weeks ago, I finally used it. Surprisingly it was gentle to my somewhat sensitive type skin and my skin felt clean…despite it being a hydrating mask. My skin looked and felt bright and refreshed. There was no tightness after I rinsed it off and that’s probably due to the hydrating benefits of the shea butter, but the deep pore cleaning benefits was what I looking for and it delivered.

I think what caught my attention about this particular mask were the ingredients. Shea Moisture is known for their natural and organic ingredients for their hair and body care, so aside from that I felt it’s a brand that uses ingredients that I can pronounce and, I’m aware of the benefits. The moisturizing aspect of the mask I feel was the raw shea butter. Now, normally shea butter and the Shea Moisture hair care line…I stay away from. I feel that shea butter is too heavy for my hair texture. I’ve tried to use a few of their hair care lines and still, I get the same results heavy weighed down hair. So, I had to make a decision not to be team shea moisture for the hair care, but the skin and body care line I like! Two other great ingredients that caught my eyes were the kaolin and bentonite clays. These two are great for pulling out impurities and detoxing the skin. Then there are other ingredients I recognize like jojoba oil, vitamin e and chamomile just to name a few. My skin feels refreshed, clean and moisturized.

I would always suggest knowing what your body needs. Knowing your skin type and care needs will make it easier to select the right type of products for your needs. Again, because I am aware of the benefits of the two clays,  I based my decision to buy this product from my research. I’ve always wanted to try kaolin clay, but wasn’t sure how my skin would react. I have used bentonite clay in the past and that’s what, I was using for a deep down cleaning mask when my skin needed that…however my skin started to react differently to it. It could have been the way I mixed the product with the apple cider vinger, but the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Mask is the perfect blend!

Remember it’s nice sit down and to take time out for ourselves occasionally, so don’t forget to have that me time. Having “spa day” at home can be very relaxing while you’re in the comfort of your own home. Also, there are several DIY mask that you can do using ingredients right from your kitchen cabinet. In some of my coming blogs I will add some DIY mask recipes for hair and skin. Hope this blog was helpful and be sure to research the other mud masks by Shea Moisture as well. Until next time…