Healthy Mind…Healthy Body

capture_2017-01-08-09-57-54-1The most important part of healthy living is having a healthy mind. Our minds is what gives us that outlook on life, so if your mind isn’t consumed with positive and healthy thoughts this affects your overall health. First, cleansing all negative things around you is the key. Whether it be doing a home makeover-decluttering, or just choosing your circle of friends wisely…it all starts with how we see things in our everyday life. There will be somethings that will take time to change, because our thoughts are powerful. But, with knowing this do what you can to help the start of your new beginning be a great one. Now on to the tips…my first suggestion would be to first declutter your domain. There’s no reason to have a bunch of things laying  around your home that you’re not using. Homeless shelters, animal shelters, and your local community centers will be more than thankful to take some of those old articles of clothing, shoes, and blankets off your hands! Not only will this make your home look and feel better, but you’re also doing a very positive thing by helping those who are less fortunate than you and that in itself makes for a more peaceful positive mindset.

Now here comes the hard part our toxic lifestyles and the individuals in it. How we live day to day is extremely important in becoming overall healthy. Often times we choose things that’s not in our best interest and this could be anything from the foods we eat to those we associate ourselves with…yes people can be toxic to a healthy lifestyle as well!  These individuals can be very close to you whether they’re family or friends, but not all relationships are healthy ones and meant to progress and thrive. While on this journey to a new beginning and a better you might mean that not everybody will be able to enjoy this ride with you. I wouldn’t say just cut people off cold turkey, but be selective in your dealings with individuals. Also, your time should be spent as productively as possible, so having distance between them and yourself can be a great thing.  This will allow you to put focus on what’s important in your life and what’s not. The key to creating a new you does not involve everyone around you. The more focus that is spent on re-discovering who you are and what you’re destined to be and do…the better the outcome is for you. Remember not all passengers enjoy road trips, so make sure you travel as lightly as possible!

In closing these are just a couple tips that will make for a better you! As we continue on and you start to re-evaluate what’s important and what’s not then more decluttering of your personal space will begin. Here’s you a new you and new beginning!