Life Happens: Making the Best of it…

Capture+_2017-03-07-18-20-45-1.pngOftentimes life can throw us a curve ball or two…sometimes three that we didn’t see coming without any warning at all, but that’s usually how curve balls go. They are unexpected and they can get you down if you allow them too. But doesn’t mean that we just give up and not continue on due to a few disappointments in life, or do you allow life to just knock you down without a fight? Well I would say to always continue on! Learning that life won’t always be this smooth ride that we would love for it to be, but always having that will to fight most definitely helps you along the way. Expect the challenges, because without them you wouldn’t appreciate the accomplishment as much. And instead of thinking that “life” is just out to get you solely try to remember that many of us face challenges daily, because we have have careers, families, school, and guess what? All of those entities are composed of being apart of what millions deal within a regular basis. So, without many individuals being driven and deciding to move forward regardless of the setbacks of life…we wouldn’t see the accomplishments that many in fact still make regardless of the downfalls.

Having that defeated attitude only encourages a person not to make attempts. If we’re not willing to try then that’s when our goals aren’t met. Then whatever it was you wanted probably wasn’t really worth having. That’s not the message you want to send yourself over and over again, because then you’ll become accustomed to failure and being a quitter. If you feel that it’s okay for failure then eventually that becomes the routine. Failure should never be apart of “the norm” and pushing forward is the only way to defeat it. Allowing fear to have that control and keeping you in a comfort zone will hinder your experiences in life. Yes, there could be setbacks and if there was a way to foresee them, then no they wouldn’t happen, but that’s not how life works. Believe it or not being a risk-tasker has it’s advantages. We tend to get out of life what we put into it, so knowing this it will usually take hard work and dedication. Now use that as your motivation to see whatever it is you want through till the end.

This was just a short post to encourage those who may feel that they are always losing in life. Trust me many feel this way, but you may never know due to the fact they just keep going regardless. A lot of us have been there, but you have to get back up and go at it for a second and often a third round. Never give up is the purpose behind this blog, so when you feel down and out then remember to go right back at it. You only lose when the fight to keep pushing is gone. Remember why you started in the first place and then maybe giving up will no longer be an option. Hope this post was encouraging and if you found it helpful feel free to share. You can also follow me on IG @healthytipsbytee for more helpful tips. Until next time….


Author: HealthyTipsbyTee

Hello, My name is Tamira and I would like for you to enjoy my blog as I share healthy living tips that's working for me. As we embark upon a new date it's the perfect time to put more focus on ourselves not only for us, but for our families as can't pour from an empty cup! Over the past several years, I've become extremely conscious about the products I use in all aspects of my life from which laundry detergents to buy...all the way to the nail polish I use, and what foods I consume. As you can imagine there are many things in between this broad spectrum and I would like to share all of these life changing tips with you. As you visit my blog expect to learn of natural remedies for beauty, health and house keeping tips. To me, being healthy consist of a variety of things and eating healthy is very important as well...for beauty begins on the inside, so you can definitely expect me to touch basis on that also. Now, as we start our new journey on health and wellness together I would like to take the time and pleasure of welcoming you to my blog "Healthy Tips by Tamira". This will be the perfect time to start over for a new beautiful beginning and a new you!

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