Self-Care Sunday’s: What have you done for yourself today??? 

capture_2017-02-05-20-01-03-1I decided that on Sunday’s, I’ll start to share “Self-Care Sunday” blogs. The reason I decided to do this is, because not many of us usually set aside that day when we just focus on ourselves. Usually Sunday’s is my …”me time” day and if I’m lucky Saturday too. So, on my me time days I usually make that my wash day (when I take time to wash and deep condition my hair giving it TLC and getting it ready for the week ahead) and a nice mud/clay mask to treat my skin. I’ll be sharing some DIY masks soon, so stay tuned. Then I like to watch movies. I rarely watch T.V., so curling up to a good movie is very relaxing to me. Whatever it is that helps you feel relaxed then do it. Remember you can’t pour from an empty glass, so me time is not only important as well as needed…it’s extremely necessary.

Another thing I like to do (which I actually did this yesterday, so I was lucky this week and had me time all weekend) is go shopping. Now, when I say shopping it doesn’t have to be on luxury shopping sprees at the high end department stores (but that would be nice right???) it could merely mean buy new hair products, or your favorite cosmetic item. Just something that will help to take your mind off the week that just past, but will help to prepare you mentally for the upcoming week ahead. Believe me we all could probably use recharging to help us make it through another work week. I know they’re needed for me. Also, just walking through the mall and then having lunch at the food court is very relaxing. You get to sit and be alone with your thoughts. Check your social media pages, respond to e-mails or write a blog. This time could also be used to self-reflect on whatever it is you feel needs to be changed. I’m in that changing things process as well.

Some like to have “Girls Night Out” or “Guy Time” with fellas and both are needed. It’s nice to give your spouse/mate a break and it’s healthy for the relationship. Allow each other that connection time with their friends and family. Go out and have some fun. The laughs can help you forget about things that seems to bother us during the week. Why do you think many look forward to the weekends? Because, they get to let their hair down and loosen those ties!

Again, whatever it is that helps you to unwind and feel at ease…do it. As long as it makes you feel revived and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. I just thought as, I lay here relaxing that this would be a great way to end a pretty much easy weekend by sharing a new blog. Hopefully you’ll take something from this and I will post another blog soon. Until next time…


Author: HealthyTipsbyTee

Hello, My name is Tamira and I would like for you to enjoy my blog as I share healthy living tips that's working for me. As we embark upon a new date it's the perfect time to put more focus on ourselves not only for us, but for our families as can't pour from an empty cup! Over the past several years, I've become extremely conscious about the products I use in all aspects of my life from which laundry detergents to buy...all the way to the nail polish I use, and what foods I consume. As you can imagine there are many things in between this broad spectrum and I would like to share all of these life changing tips with you. As you visit my blog expect to learn of natural remedies for beauty, health and house keeping tips. To me, being healthy consist of a variety of things and eating healthy is very important as well...for beauty begins on the inside, so you can definitely expect me to touch basis on that also. Now, as we start our new journey on health and wellness together I would like to take the time and pleasure of welcoming you to my blog "Healthy Tips by Tamira". This will be the perfect time to start over for a new beautiful beginning and a new you!

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