Body Washes: Why I Switched to a Fair Trade Natural Brand…


I had to give up my popular body washes to find something more accommodating for my overall health. I’m still not sure why or what the issue was, but my chest area was fire engine red. Yes my Skin was inflamed…not itchy, but really red and not cute at all. I loved using the popular brands like Caress which was mainly what I used. And solely due to the smell of the washes and I wanted to smell good right? Yes, but those washes with all the pretty scents were wrecking havoc on my sensitive skin. I had to do something and fast!

Watching YouTube videos and trying to see what others were using to wash their bodies with I came across a few brands. I saw brands like Dr. Bonners Castle Soap, zShea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Body Wash (gold label…now they have many) and this brand called Alaffia Shea Body Body Wash. Now I did try the Shea Moisture washes, but washes didn’t  impressed me and the ounces weren’t enough. The Dr.Bonners although many people like their castile soaps, I didn’t understand how to dilute it…nor did I have time to be a mistress. So, I decided to go to my local Whole Foods to smell the scents of the Alaffia brand…of course, because after all we want to smell shower fresh and pleasant. Now this brand uses essential oils along with other natural ingredents, so the scents aren’t loud or lingering. You do smell them as you shower, but it’s not a body wash that you’ll smell on the skin after rinsing…that’s the only con to me. But, you get 32oz, it’s reasonably priced 10.99$, but when Whole Foods has sales and it’s around 7.99$, it’s natural with ingredients I can pronounce and understand, Fair Trade, moisturizing, and it comes in unscented too for those who don’t like scents at all…a WINNER for me! That skin issue I had cleared right up and I haven’t been bothered with it since. This has been my body wash for over a year and I’m so happy, I came across it. It can be purchased online as well or at Whole Foods. They also have a hair and skin care line.

I just wanted to share my favorite natural body wash, but again the point of my blog is to help people start rethinking the things they use on their skin externally and internally. Especially as we begin to mature our skin care needs change and as our skin changes as should the products we use on them. I like and trust this brand and highly suggest that you research them and their mission prior to purchasing. The whole Fair Trade is a great way of selling products at fair prices, so that paying workers fair wages is doable. Remember what works fine for me could be didn’t for others, but we all know everything works DEFINITELY for everyone. If not this brand at least consider opting for brands that are not using chemicals that you in turn put directly on your skin.Thanks for stopping by and feel free to like, share and leave me a comment. Until next time…


Author: HealthyTipsbyTee

Hello, My name is Tamira and I would like for you to enjoy my blog as I share healthy living tips that's working for me. As we embark upon a new date it's the perfect time to put more focus on ourselves not only for us, but for our families as can't pour from an empty cup! Over the past several years, I've become extremely conscious about the products I use in all aspects of my life from which laundry detergents to buy...all the way to the nail polish I use, and what foods I consume. As you can imagine there are many things in between this broad spectrum and I would like to share all of these life changing tips with you. As you visit my blog expect to learn of natural remedies for beauty, health and house keeping tips. To me, being healthy consist of a variety of things and eating healthy is very important as well...for beauty begins on the inside, so you can definitely expect me to touch basis on that also. Now, as we start our new journey on health and wellness together I would like to take the time and pleasure of welcoming you to my blog "Healthy Tips by Tamira". This will be the perfect time to start over for a new beautiful beginning and a new you!

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