Camille Rose Naturals…is it REALLY Natural???

capture_2017-01-18-11-14-37-1So, I guess in the back of my mind regardless of what the labeling says that even some of these so called “natural” products can still be filled with synthetic chemicals and I knew this. It’s scary that even while trying to do the right thing and stay on the natural journey to being as natural as possible…there’s still a chance that you will still purchase non-natural ingredients and that’s very unfortunate. It’s also important to know that the FDA doesn’t approve many products on the market today…even foods we eat, so that’s why its important to read labels. I can’t put enough emphasises on how that if the label is hard to read with words you can’t pronounce…it’s probably not worth buying! Again, read the labels and research an ingredient you can’t pronounce to see exactly what it’s role is or not.

Apparently there is a class action lawsuit against the brand Camille Rose Naturals for using synthetic chemicals in her natural hair and body care line. Me being on this natural hair journey for over seven (7) years has purchased several hair care items from this line, so it’s pretty disturbing to read about a class action lawsuit against this brand, but as disappointed as I am…does this surprise me??? No it doesn’t not at all. There are many brands out on the market today that claim to be natural and/or organic, but many of these brands again are not approved by the FDA, so sadly a company can put whatever they like on the label. And as far as being organic goes…the product can contain one ingredient that’s organic and for that one ingredient it can be labeled as organic. Weird right? The scary part is if they can put anything on their labeling then just imagine what might be in the actual products. I think even after writing this, I’m starting to rethink some of my chosen brands. I know that we are currently living in a DIY kind of world, so this may not be a bad idea. Making your own beauty and hair care products could be a bit more time consuming than running out making a Target run, but think of the health benefit.

This year I’ve already planned on being more money conscious and for numerous reasons. So, to be more money conscious and to use products that I know what the exact ingredients are will be a plus! Also DIY’s gives this assurance that you’re getting exactly what you wanted and needed. Don’t get me wrong…it’s not a bad thing wanting to try out new products from some of the popular brands, but what is wrong is when these brands don’t have you the consumers best interest at heart. I can only sit and shake my head at myself thinking of the countless dollars, I’ve spent on beauty care products. And ninety five percent (95%) of my more recent purchases (I’ll say from the last 4-5yrs) have been what I call natural products. Be very careful when selecting brands and don’t be afraid to contact merchants asking what’s exactly in their products and what role the ingredients play. If they can’t give you a meaningful answer and the ingredient has no real value for you then seek out more holistic brands or try taking a chance at your own DIY creation. YouTube have hundreds of video on natural DIY projects for the entire body.

We definitely must remember we are living in a world where money is the only thing that many care about, so with knowing this it’s not surprising shocking that companies with put anything on a label just to make a dollar. I’ve purchased from a few smaller business that advertise on IG (Insta Gram) and I’ve had good and bad experiences with this. One brand in particular a hair care business…no matter when I ordered this one DC (deep conditioner) from her it was always different. After my last order I contacted her asking why is there no consistency with her brand??? The explanation she gave didn’t sit well with me and of course all of her sales are final. Usually if a brand doesn’t believe in their own product and their policy is “all sales final” then that’s probably a sign that the merchant may know that you won’t like the product either. As with all things in life we live and hopefully learn from our experiences. Stay as healthy as possible and remember not all labels are created equally, so take the time to know exactly what it is your purchasing. Until next time…


Author: HealthyTipsbyTee

Hello, My name is Tamira and I would like for you to enjoy my blog as I share healthy living tips that's working for me. As we embark upon a new date it's the perfect time to put more focus on ourselves not only for us, but for our families as can't pour from an empty cup! Over the past several years, I've become extremely conscious about the products I use in all aspects of my life from which laundry detergents to buy...all the way to the nail polish I use, and what foods I consume. As you can imagine there are many things in between this broad spectrum and I would like to share all of these life changing tips with you. As you visit my blog expect to learn of natural remedies for beauty, health and house keeping tips. To me, being healthy consist of a variety of things and eating healthy is very important as well...for beauty begins on the inside, so you can definitely expect me to touch basis on that also. Now, as we start our new journey on health and wellness together I would like to take the time and pleasure of welcoming you to my blog "Healthy Tips by Tamira". This will be the perfect time to start over for a new beautiful beginning and a new you!

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