Inner Peace: Stop Allowing Others to Destroy Yours…

capture_2017-01-05-11-10-01-1This is a big factor in living a healthy lifestyle “Inner Peace”.  Not many can say that they are at total peace with themselves and it could be for a variety of reasons. Our inner peace is extremely important for day to day living and this is one of the main things I plan to work on in 2017. When we allow others to come into our lives and disturb things…our inner peace is destroyed. Would you allow a stranger to come into your home and just mess it up??? Of course not, so we have to treat our inner peace the same way. This goes back to healthy relationships. Some relationships can be very draining and take a toll on a person’s well being. This is definitely not good for your inner peace. Then we allow those who we don’t know to come into our personal space and disrupt our inner peace and those are ths worst ones. I’ve found myself in social media disagreements with strangers and often afterwards, I ask myself “why did I allow this person I don’t know into my space/peace???” So, guarding your peace is important. The peace robbers as I like to call them are easy to detect. They are those who aren’t generally happy and find it hard to be happy for others. They also will have a negative remark or comment about everything…don’t get me wrong not all things will be positive, but these type of people never see the light or good in anything. I’m not saying to pretend that things are peachy cream, but there can be good things sometimes too. Lastly, if they feel that you’re a step ahead of them then here comes the race to pass you up. In life we all have our own paths for a reason…that’s why we live different lives, so what one does has no effect or bearing on what someone is or maybe doing. Live your life according to your life plan. I use to feel that maybe if, I had did this back then or if I had done that and now I realize that my life has always been on course for me and, I am at peace with that. There’s no changing the past and it’s pointless to beat yourself up over “wouldve, should’ve, could’ve”, so take those learned lesson and move forward peacefully and pass down what you’ve learned to others. Just remember being at peace with one’s self is a sure way to be on the right road to success and to living a healthy lifestyle. Be more focused on your own grass instead of the yard across from you. Til next time…


Author: HealthyTipsbyTee

Hello, My name is Tamira and I would like for you to enjoy my blog as I share healthy living tips that's working for me. As we embark upon a new date it's the perfect time to put more focus on ourselves not only for us, but for our families as can't pour from an empty cup! Over the past several years, I've become extremely conscious about the products I use in all aspects of my life from which laundry detergents to buy...all the way to the nail polish I use, and what foods I consume. As you can imagine there are many things in between this broad spectrum and I would like to share all of these life changing tips with you. As you visit my blog expect to learn of natural remedies for beauty, health and house keeping tips. To me, being healthy consist of a variety of things and eating healthy is very important as well...for beauty begins on the inside, so you can definitely expect me to touch basis on that also. Now, as we start our new journey on health and wellness together I would like to take the time and pleasure of welcoming you to my blog "Healthy Tips by Tamira". This will be the perfect time to start over for a new beautiful beginning and a new you!

6 thoughts on “Inner Peace: Stop Allowing Others to Destroy Yours…”

  1. Beautiful message, I agree with this wholeheartedly. I especially liked your point about coming to peace with the fact that you have always been on your own path. It’s so easy to lose sight of the value of that. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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