How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Capture+_2017-02-16-14-57-34-1.pngDuring the chilly, winter months, nothing beats curling up on the living room sofa with a cup of hot tea. Being warm, dry, and comfortable indoors are what most of us strive for when it’s cold outside. Unfortunately, the stale air we’re breathing inside our homes could be rife with pollutants, ranging from dust mites and dander to radon and lead.

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Self/Inner Peace: Don’t Allow Others to Enter…

capture_2017-02-13-22-53-04-1Unfortunately we have to deal with people from all spectrums of life and sadly many of them aren’t happy…not with you necessarily, but with themselves. Have you ever told someone some good news and their reply is usually something negative trying to bring you down? Well those my friend are the “inner peace” robbers as I like to call them. Usually when individuals aren’t happy about something that’s going on with their lives…naturally they’ll try to rob you of the joys in yours. This is why I never try to compare myself to others. That’s the fastest way to join the peace robbers club. When individuals view something about you or your way of living as being what they feel might be better than theirs, so then what comparisons usually does is create envy and that leads to jealousy. To me being envious or jealous of people, or just not liking them over what dress size they where is ridiculous. I don’t know if, I can stress enough how our uniqueness is what makes us be who we are individually and that’s a great thing that we are different. Each journey is not going to be the same.

Granted there will be always be some individuals who we won’t like and that is fine too. You don’t have to be a peace robber though to know that certain people you just won’t mix with. Many of us will not like every person we meet and that’s to be expected. But, to not like an individual, because she walks in heels better than you is not a real reason to be negative towards them. Yes, sometimes a person will try to disrupt your peace over your attire as an example…it can be that small. I don’t know of many ways of not having to deal with the world, but you can stay away from the drama that many come with. Whether it’s school, the workplace, or even with some family/close friends…peace robbers are amongst us in every form. Know when your inner peace is being targeted and attacked and then treat those individuals accordingly. I will say for all the scenarios mentioned… knowing when individuals are just energy robbers or always knowing something about others and quick to tell it is a sure sign to stay away. Those are usually the ones that probably don’t have much going on within their own lives, so they like being messy in other individuals lives. Again, these can be those you work with, go to school with and often those you call friends and family. If you find yourself when around these type try to distance yourself as much as possible. Keeping some distance can help you to keep some peace.

A person’s inner peace for most take time to build up, so it’s not fair that there are those individuals who eagerly await to tear down what you’ve worked hard to build. They show you signs of how they’re not really the right people you should associate with on a regular or personal basis, so pay attention to the signs early on. This way you’ll know what type of relationship to build with them and when to deal with them. What I’ve learned is when people don’t know a lot about your business and they see that you don’t entertain them then they will somewhat move on to others who will give them that needed attention. In most instances we will have to still deal with these type of people and that’s fine, but knowing how to keep it professional and when to steer clear of unnecessary drama will later spare you and your inner peace. With day to day life and none us needing any added stress the peace robbers will definitely try to add extras you don’t need in your life. Protect your energy and peace with all things that you do and when coming in contact with those you know mean you no good (and we know the type and for many who they are) deal with them accordingly. Remembering we can’t run from the world or the individuals in it, but you do have control over who and what you allow to upset your peace. Feel free to share this post if it’s helpful and to leave me a comment below. Also, feel free to follow me on IG @healthytipsbytee for more helpful tips. Hope this was helpful, because I know many of us have to deal with certain things in life daily including certain individuals, but never let it get the best of you! Until next time…

Natural Hair and Beauty Products: Don’t Overspend…

capture_2017-02-12-20-36-03-1Many people are searching daily for the right natural hair and beauty products, and buying everything based on what’s been seen on social media and YouTube can be very costly when it doesn’t have to be. Do you have to spend a ton for natural hair and beauty products? No…absolutely not! There are many well known stores that sell natural beauty and hair care products and at very discounted prices. Check your local outlet/discount stores first before spending the big bucks on products. Down below I’ll list some of my favorite stores for finding bargains on natural ingredient products. Yes I usually find nice items regularly at these stores.

  • Marshalls has to be the mother of all discount stores! I find so many natural products in Marshalls and they a fairly priced. Be sure to check out there health and beauty selection for great finds…you’ll probably be surprised what you can find in Marshalls.
  • TJMaxx is another treasure find when it comes to natural beauty products. Since TJMaxx and Marshalls are both sister stores it’s no wonder they both have great finds. Not to mention the nice deals on name brand clothing and shoes, so it’s like your one shop stop for bargains.
  • Ross is slowly moving up the ladder to becoming my favorite place for natural products that are popular and reasonably priced. I stopped in a couple days ago and found a great deal on a face mask by Andalou Naturals that was priced at 50% off retail value and yes it’s full of natural ingredients. Again, I love going in just to see what’s new in the beauty selection.
  • Trader Joe’s has natural ingredient products as well. Mainly their store brand, but they do sell some other natural beauty items. Of course they too are priced right and for many their Nourish Spa Shampoo/Conditioner is a hit with many natural hair curly girls. When I started by natural journey over seven years ago this is all I saw on YouTube. The Tea Tree shampoo/conditioner line is popular as well and both have ingredients that are readable…meaning no words that you can’t pronounce and its natural.

I do order a lot of items online too, because usually online merchants have discount codes that will help you save some cash and often there’s free shipping. Also, the bigger popular stores always have a clearance section and they are often filled with natural brand goodies. Whenever I go into the bigger stores (Target/Wal-Mart) I always check the clearance aisle first. It is possible to get wholesome quality natural ingredient products without breaking the bank to do so. Shopping around can be very rewarding and not to mention economically smart too.

Just thought I’d share a blog today to let you know it’s possible to “ball on a budget” as I like to call it. You don’t have to go broke to get better healthier products. I love quality products (I always have), but I will never over spend for things…remember everything usually goes on sale. As always I hope you got some good tips and found this blog informative if so, please feel free to share. Be sure to follow me on IG @healthytipsbytee for more helpful tips as well. Until next time…

It’s Almost Self-Care Sunday…Are You Prepared??? 

capture_2017-02-11-19-30-17-1So, most of you are already aware of Self-Care Sundays which is when it’s suggested that individuals take time for SELF and to prepare for the week ahead. Do you have anything planned yet? If so, what is it? What I plan on doing for the week ahead for my Self-Care Sunday is my wash day routine (when I prepoo, shampoo, deep condition, and then style…which is typically my hair pulled back in a bun) and then I purchased a facial mud mask (I love facial masks) yesterday from Ross and I will be using that as I allow the deep conditioner to penetrate my strands. This my not seem like self-care, but remember self is anything that helps you to feel relaxed and that your actually treating yourself. Plus, I love taking care of my naturally curly hair, so Sunday is usually the day I get to give my strands that much needed TLC.

As I mentioned in my last blog regarding this topic there are other things that’s just as relaxing. Teas are very calming and they are good for you too. Snuggling up with a good book, or to watch a nice movie or two with some herbal tea as you prepare yourself for the days ahead is like doing two good things at the same time. I know due to my exhausting work week, I have neglected Netflix a lot lately, but there’s usually no time left during the week for television…for me anyway. Now if work or are just typically busy throughout week you can most definitely benefit from a self-care day. With life happening daily that’s usually the cause for many missing their favorite things to do. It’s possible that Sunday’s might not be a good day for many, but start to incorporate a day where you are doing something nice for you. It may not be on Sunday, but sit down and figure out what that day will be for you.

I would like to hear in the comment section below what you guys have planned for your Self-Care Sunday. Maybe different suggestions/routines  could help to give others some ideas and tips on how they can have a Self-Care Sunday…day too. As the weather begins to change more outdoor ideas and options can be added to different routines as well. Like when the weather permits I want to start walking around the track at the park. Bicycling is another way to have a self care day.  To be able to go for a nice ride while getting some exercise in and clearing your mind. Think of what you enjoy the most and set aside a time in which you want to be able to do whatever it is.

In order to take care of others as most of us often do daily…you have to leave room on that plate to take care of yourself as well. “You can’t pour from an empty glass” definitely is one to remember. Hope you found this helpful and please feel free to leave a comment and to share this post. Also, please follow me on IG @healthytipsbytee for other helpful tips by me. I will leave a picture below of the natural brand mud mask I found at Ross yesterday too…it was a nice find. I will be going back to hopefully find the eye brightening serum. I love this natural brand too by the way and be on the look out for a product review as well! Until next time…20170211_200752

This is one of my favorite natural brands. I believe this retails for 15.oo$ on their website, but I found this at Ross for much less…20170211_200742

Yes..6.99$ and the ingredients are amazing! So, definitely check Ross out for other natural beauty finds and be sure to watch for a blog review on this item.